Calculating Chances – (Experience and Bluffing)

Playing poker is easier when you always calculate your chances of winning. It’s not enough to just know the basic rules of poker. It is not enough to just wear your poker mask all the time. Playing poker is all about experience. Do you think you have the right amount of experience to win?

Experience is always the best teacher as they say. But in poker, experience with the right knowledge is always best. What good is an online poker experience if you can’t back it up with the right strategy you need to win? Say you have a strategy. You know the rules but you don’t have enough experience. Your chances of winning are still slim.

Playing poker always expects the unexpected. This is the key to your success. Before playing, you must first know where to play poker. Do you want to play it online? Or do you still prefer to play inside the casino? If you are going online, are you sure you are in the best poker room? Does the website provide top-notch functionality to avoid fraud and scams? Or are you more comfortable playing on freerolls than in tournaments? Do you just want to help? Perhaps, you should play charity poker.

These are the kinds of questions you ask yourself about how good you are as a competitor.

The next line is the most important strategy of all,

The Art of Bullying

In the world of poker, bluffing is probably a “fragile” strategy you can use. You bluff to win or get revenge. But first, you need to understand what bluffing is.

What exactly is a bluff in poker? Bluffing refers to when a player decides to bet or raise a hand and is considered inferior behavior in poker. Why? The reason is, bluffing only encourages your opponent to fold or take all the pots. If you bluff, it means that your chances of appearing in the fight are slim.

Here are seven common moves you should know to know if your opponent is bluffing you (This is hard to spot if you are playing online)

Hands shaking and sweating
Turn around
Play with chips
Smile at you
So, the problem now is when and why to bluff?

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