Basic Blackjack Strategy – It’s Straight Math

Getting straight to the point, first of all we want to offer you some sensible tips. Using these tips is just there to make sure you don’t actually increase the house edge or just throw your money in the water.

You might think that this is one of those protracted conversations about how to manage your money instead of drinking and other boring stuff, but that’s not the case. I might be right if I say that you’re not here for that old story anymore. Let’s start with the most basic principle and that is never draw a card when you are 16 years old.

If you draw another card when you are 16, you will only give your money to the casino. So don’t draw cards. Trust me, the feelings you believe in are very wrong. This is not brain surgery and the most basic idea. If you already know that, great… if not, glad to help.

That brings me to basic blackjack strategy, which is all but silly strategy, thought up by someone with little or no knowledge of the game. The strategy in question is based on information worked out by some of the earliest computers to work out the best mathematical way to play blackjack. The house edge will be cut to a minimum if you use the strategy correctly.

However, using a strategy to gain an advantage over the casino is entirely up to you. With the basic blackjack strategy, it works on the assumption that the dealer always stands above 17. There is no difference in how it works in a land-based casino or an internet casino. With basic blackjack strategy, you will always use a chart that will be used to see your hand and the dealer’s.

You will base your reaction on your cards, the dealer’s cards and what the chart advises you to do. Simply by playing according to the chart you will be able to cut the house edge to a minimum.

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