Steps to Withdraw Slot Prizes from Mandiri ATM Machines

When you play on a good online slot gambling site, of course you will know what benefits you will get. Among them by receiving money that will be directly transferred to your account. For sites that are quite up-to-date and progressive, prize withdrawals can actually be done via Gopay or OVO. However, many still rely on bank accounts which they think are simpler.

So, before you make a withdrawal of prize money, it is required that your account number has been recorded on the site first. Because the site faction will immediately send money to the account number that is already on the site’s server data. Just send them according to the order number to apply for prize collection.

Actually, prizes on online gambling sites are not only in the form of money. And there are those who dare to issue gifts in the form of laptops, cellphones and motorbikes once. Because we are reviewing the withdrawal of money from playing slot prizes , so here are the tips. We give an example for Mandiri bank.

Steps to make a withdrawal on the site

Even though slot games are 80% more dependent on your luck, but believe me that tactics also help your victory in this game. So, don’t be pessimistic about your luck rate, and keep learning about poker playing tactics.

If you win, there is a certain pride if at the end of the week or the end of the month, you can withdraw the prize money mentioned by withdrawing. If you have a deposit balance that exceeds the withdrawal conditions, you can make a withdrawal. It calls when you want to withdraw prize funds from the site.

Before the money goes into your account, it should be done first on the site by filling out the withdrawal form. The methods are as follows:

  1. Please click withdraw or click transaction menu > withdraw (depending on the subscription site menu mode)
  2. Later you have to fill in the form with a pattern similar to this:
    • Username
    • Nominal withdraw
    • Bank
    • Account name • Account number
  3. Then click submit.
  4. To make the process faster, you can chat with the admin so that you can receive the queue number right away. Later proof of the transfer will be given by the admin, meaning your money has entered the account.

Steps for Collecting Slot Prize Funds at Mandiri ATMs

The steps mentioned above just now, you must do if you want to take money into your account. We take this opportunity as an example at ATM Mandiri. For other types of banks, you can follow the steps of each of your subscribed banks.
Make sure, before you make a withdrawal to an ATM, you ask for proof of transfer from the site. Just chat directly to the admin if the site faction has not notified your money has been transferred or not.

If the site faction has provided proof of the transfer, here are the steps to take funds from the ATM from the prize money playing the spin machine:

  1. The first step, insert your ATM card into the machine
  2. Select Indonesian > enter your PIN.
  3. Later, menus of money options will appear that you can withdraw instantly, no need to write the nominal.
  4. However, if there is no nominal that you withdraw, please press the “Withdraw Another Amount” button
  5. Write the amount of money to be taken then press “Continue”
  6. Wait until the money comes out of the machine.

We think, generally bettors already know how to do the trick. For those of you who have a large deposit balance on the site, immediately withdraw the prize from the daftar joker88 slot game so it doesn’t just expire.

Author: Admin