Ip coupon meaning

ip coupon meaning

next purchase. K Kellogg's Usually referenced when describing a coupon or rebate offer from Kellogg's. It can refer to the quantity or dollar amount, depending on the terms of the coupon. HBA Health and Beauty Aids Used to categorize coupon offers or products. CNP Coupon Near Product A coupon that is distributed at the grocery store and that is placed near the product on the coupon. The CVS just for you percent off purchase coupons that members receive, usually via email, that allows them to take an additional percent off all regular priced items they purchase in one transaction. Top of Coupon abbreviations Q or Qs or Qpon Coupons lazy way to write it! Catalina/CAT refers to a coupon from a machine next to the cash register that dispenses coupons after your cash register receipt prints. This has evolved into meaning those who provide multiple inserts or specific coupons for a fee. There is a Cartwheel app that can be used on Smartphones, or you can access it from your computer and print the list and barcode. Often referenced on forums when discussing rebate requirements or when cashback sites require a scan of the UPC.

ip coupon meaning

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JIT Just in time Chat lingo used in comments/message boards JK Just kidding Chat lingo used in comments/message boards JMO Just my opinion Chat lingo used in comments/message boards top K Kelloggs KFR Kelloggs Family Rewards Enter codes from products you buy to earn. Excludes items from Trial Travel, gift cards and prescriptions. ShopKick Discount App An app that offers users additional discounts at select stores. This is when you can purchase one item and you can purchase another one of the same product (same size or smaller) for free, 50 off, etc. This is a drug store that may not be available in all regions. Schools can earn money by submitting these. CPN Coupon Often used on forums to describe the type of offer being discussed. Recent references to coupon fairy has moved to referring to persons selling coupons. NAZ Name, Address, Zip Referenced when personal information is required. This indicates that the cashier may need to take action such as entering in the price. May also mean dumpster dive, as in rummaging through dumpsters or recycle bins to find coupons that others may have thrown out.