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to say them. Yeah, so, why cant they? Weve got another question coming at you on this Foundations of Freedom Thursday. You do not have to serve in the military for the first year. And theres a lot of great tools for you there to equip and inspire your family, so check that out today as well.

And Im totally in favor of the mom taking a year off. Rick: They didnt build that. 600 Letters David: And in none of those 600 letters was he ever anti-Jesus, was he ever anti-God, was he ever anti-Christianity. Tim: So to that end, so back up to even where Bill OReilly talks about Jeffersons conflicted on slavery. David: Well, I think it definitely could work here, but the question is, does the government pay for anything that we dont give it the money to pay for? Let me show you, they are.

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Helpful links: todays links, stansburys Elementary Catechism on the Constitution WallBuilders. Ive purchased two founders Bible smart man, Randy, Im going through it completely page by page for the first time and loving. He didnt spend time talking about how under Reagan, the whole nation is transformed. Tim: I think you meant from.20.50. Thanks so much for listening today. Tim: Well, and thats true. Now, its not new history because Lincoln did. Says, No person shall be a representative who shall not have attained to the age of twenty-five and been seven years a citizen of the United States. And so its like, Oh my gosh, bro, we want to be truthful and accurate in this. Whats the truth about Jefferson? Thats Gods command, Gods into hard work and He wants us doing that.