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the time it takes a packet to be returned to its sender in milliseconds. Unlimited customers may also notice temporary changes in the performance of data intensive applications such as streaming video or online gaming when subject to de-prioritization. Does Sprint discriminate against particular types of online content? Coverage isn't available everywhere, and speeds and latency may vary considerably from these averages based on factors both within and beyond Sprints control such as network problems, software, signal strength, your wireless device, structures, buildings, weather, geography, topography, etc. The RAN also controls device hand off between neighboring cell site resources to balance load across network resources or as a mobile device moves from one location to another. Network speed and latency determines how applications perform on a network. Just as the Internet continues to change and evolve, so, too, will our network management practices to address the challenges and threats on the Internet. The average speed and latency of our non-LTE networks is suitable for video and audio streaming, web browsing and other general Internet usage consistent with Sprint's terms and conditions. We will also notify customers when they have reached the QoS Threshold and are now subject to de-prioritization. When it detects congestion, the fairness algorithms described above operate with the goal of ensuring that all customers are allocated a fair share of network resources.

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In other cases, these tools and policies may permit customers to identify certain content that is not clearly harmful or unwanted, such as bulk email or websites with questionable security ratings, and enable those customers to inspect the content further if they want. What is Sprint's policy for online privacy? Sprints rttms is user, content, application, sears nordictrack treadmill coupons and device agnostic and is intended to provide an improved experience for the majority of users when resources are constrained. During these times, Sprint relies on the radio scheduling software provided by Sprints hardware vendors to allocate resources to users. Sprints first goal is to avoid congestion altogether by directing traffic to the best available spectrum resources and cell sites. Users on such plans will typically be directed to an informational web page with further options after exceeding any plan limits on these types of applications. Sprint manages its network with the goal of delivering the best possible mobile broadband Internet access experience to our customers.