List of family codes for coupons

list of family codes for coupons

Quick Clip Link all the 77477 coupons preclipped for you! So why does QSeer sometimes say Family Code 234 or some other three-digit number instead of a product name? . Coupon Considerations, Limitations, and Processing, the challenge. Some examples - same size but different flavor frozen meals (think Lean Cuisine or Swansons, etc. Family Codes are assigned by the Manufacturer to "group" products within a "family" together.

In my example was for just that). General Mills does not publish a list. . When the coupon is scanned, the POS computer: Decodes the family code, checks to make sure the customer purchased an item from the family. still think you could match the Coupon to the Item?

I've converted it into PDF. Quick clip.25 On One Bottos Sweet and Hot 16oz Links.00/1 Aspercreme Product.00/1 Iams Dry Dog Food Bag.00/1 Pedigree Dentastix Dog Treats.00/1 Allegra Anti-Itch Cream.00/1 Alouette Cheese Product 29063 Printable Coupons Zip Code 29063 Quick Clip.00 on any one (1). If you see a regional coupon that we do not have listed, please let us know by catching up with us in our. Clean w/ Febreze Meadows Rain Spray. Let's assume that, in addition to the five cans firestone complete vehicle inspection coupon of Chunky Noodle Soup you also bought other Soups and Mixes from Campbell's. If people who are paid to know family codes cant get it right, then you can take comfort if you struggle a bit too. All coupons will be clipped, simply click print. The next two digits (70) are a value code. Finally, the Point of Sale System reads the Digits in positions ten and eleven of the Coupon.P.C. All the Point of Sale System has to do is find "a match and if there is a "match just apply the Coupon Value Code against the Purchase. Click the quick clip link for the the coupons you want, and change your zip code and state to those listed. Let me explain, look at the following.P.C.: The first six digits above (in this example) - are the Company Prefix assigned by GS1 US (formerly known as the Uniform Code Council).